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Release of version 1.0

Gmail Notifier version 1.0 release


Thanks for visiting this website!

Starting from google Apps, i was very happy when i came to know about google apps for the first time. i registered  many of my domains with google apps. Even though gmail was doing very well for me but having a gmail interface and storage on your own domain was something really very amazing.

I remember posting an email to google suggesting them to add a service so that i could use my personal email with gmail interface. i know many of gmail users would have been suggesting the same thing and finally the day came when google announced about google apps.

Few days after registering i found that i can't use gmail notifier(Google) with my hosted domain. That wasn't a pleasant surprise for me. Then i started searching google apps help but all i could find was to use Google talk as an email notifier.

Then i thought of gmail APIs for a while but couldn't come to a solution. Then i found somewhere on the internet that i could connect to Gmail RSS programmatically...... hmmmm ........ v nice. i thought i should make a gmail notifier myself.

Now i thought i am only an ASP.NET developer and didn't work much with Windows applications, but again google search helped me in all stages of my development.

That's it. Today i got some time to upload/share my application with all of you and i am done.

I hope you guys will give me suggestions in developing next version. Waiting for all of you. Thanks very much!!!


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