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Release of version 1.0

  • Notifier got listed onto Google Apps Solutions Gallery

    I am very thankful to Google Apps team (especially Jeff), they helped me a lot in getting my application listed onto Google Apps' Solutions Gallery. It is really big thing for such a small app as i didn't make it with the intention to get it listed onto Google.

    Google people are really cool in helping their customers and developers. Thanks very much again!


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  • New version with requested features

    Hi friends,

    Thanks for your support and using notifier application, as i have already discussed what happened to my application when it came to google. Anyway for me adding a word in app name doesn't matter.

    Today, i have uploaded new version of app with all the requested features.
    Now you can save user settings and passwords independently, it wont disturb anything if you open it with a different windows account.
    Another new feature includes sound settings. You can mute notifier sound if you dont like it as well as you can change it.

    Please download version from here.

    Thanks n have fun!
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  • Change in application name

    Hi friends,

    I know it is bit surprising to change application name, although i was loving its old name "Gmail Notifier for Google Apps".

    From today i will be calling this application "Sohail's Gmail Notifier for Google Apps". The reason why i changed its name is, i contacted Google for hosting this application in Google's Enterprise Solutions. They tested the application and decided to add it in Google Apps Solutions but then they sent me an email saying that there has been some backlash in Google with my product title, "Gmail Notifier for Google Apps" and the confusion it may create with Google's Gmail Notifier.

    By changing its name to "Sohail's Gmail Notifier for Google Apps", i hope there is no issue left.
    I will update product name and logo in next release. Thanks very much for your interest.
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  • Is it safe to use Gmail Notifier ?

    Hi all,

    i really want to appreciate Savcic Viktor because he raised this question "Is it safe to use Gmail Notifier ?". Viktor's question gave me an chance of posting a blog about gmail notifier's security.

    ok, now i am going to show how it is safe to use gmail notifier, first you guys need to visit this link please http://gmailnotifier.net/photos/apprelated/default.aspx, you can find two images in there. One of which shows zone alarm firewall alert saying that your notifier is trying to connect to, and if you notice it will also be showing you the protocol "HTTPS". hmmm , now we know this application is connecting to some ip 64.233... on HTTPS protocol. Now what we need to know is where this ip belongs to? Second image on the same link is proving that this IP belongs to google. i think this is enough to prove notifier's security. You can also run same experiment with different firewall and DNS queries. If you are still unsure about what it's doing then you can run a packet sniffer and see what's going on ?

    If you wanna to know any other aspect of security, please raise a thread in forum.



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  • Gmail Notifier version 1.0 release


    Thanks for visiting this website!

    Starting from google Apps, i was very happy when i came to know about google apps for the first time. i registered  many of my domains with google apps. Even though gmail was doing very well for me but having a gmail interface and storage on your own domain was something really very amazing.

    I remember posting an email to google suggesting them to add a service so that i could use my personal email with gmail interface. i know many of gmail users would have been suggesting the same thing and finally the day came when google announced about google apps.

    Few days after registering i found that i can't use gmail notifier(Google) with my hosted domain. That wasn't a pleasant surprise for me. Then i started searching google apps help but all i could find was to use Google talk as an email notifier.

    Then i thought of gmail APIs for a while but couldn't come to a solution. Then i found somewhere on the internet that i could connect to Gmail RSS programmatically...... hmmmm ........ v nice. i thought i should make a gmail notifier myself.

    Now i thought i am only an ASP.NET developer and didn't work much with Windows applications, but again google search helped me in all stages of my development.

    That's it. Today i got some time to upload/share my application with all of you and i am done.

    I hope you guys will give me suggestions in developing next version. Waiting for all of you. Thanks very much!!!


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