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Sohail's Gmail Notifier for Google Apps (New) Beta - (2000/XP/Vista)

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Date Added: 12-06-2007

This beta version is only valid for 30 days.

This version is only to test mailto & proxy settings. I will be releasing a new version soon, which will support multiple accounts as well. Please keep visiting the website (GmailNotifier.Net) for more info and news.

New functionalities

1) Proxy support

2) Use notifier as default Mailto program

3) Now you can set notifier to check email after every few seconds

 Bug Fixes

  1) ' no application associated with the specified file for this application' - Fixed!

  2)  ' object reference not set to instance of an object' - Fixed!

  3) ' Login window on startup' - Fixed!

For info/help and support conact admin@GmailNotifier.Net.


bcdady said:

Downloaded and installed easily. Configurations are straightforward, and notifications seemed to work right away. However, the mailto options does not seem to be working for me yet (in Firefox), and I have not yet been able to test the proxy option. Is there a specific forum for this beta? I did not see a beta feedback forum.
12-07-2007 6:07 PM

admin said:

Can you please let me know if mailto options worked for you? If you are using windows vista please remember to run this software as an administrator because Vista doesn;t allow anything to change systems' registry settings. Actually there is no seperate forum for this beta you can post into existing forums.
12-14-2007 1:08 PM
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