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  • Re: Startup options

    Do you want to turn off UAC dialog? I believe you can do it from the control panel. If you want to keep UAC ON and don't want notifier to show it then I can look further into it. I am not sure when did you download the latest version? I released a version on 15 july which can be run even as a standard...
    Posted to Forum by admin on 08-20-2010
  • Re: Does not login when Composing Mail or Viewing Inbox

    This notifier does not try to login into any of gmail or google apps account. It just opens up a URL in the browser which points to your Google apps domains or Gmail. So, theoratically It will open the account whatever you have saved password for. It's Gmail's restriction that you can only save...
    Posted to Forum by admin on 05-14-2010
  • Re: Does not login when Composing Mail or Viewing Inbox

    Hi Damon, Thanks for the suggestions, that's what I am going to implement. Acutally, this app decrypt the stored passwords and build the URL on the fly depending on the domain name requested. So it would need a new release to implement your suggestion. Thanks
    Posted to Forum by admin on 03-09-2010
  • Re: the notifier stopped working again

    Hi F. Did you also install the same updates? I will do the same on a testing machine and see if it crashes. Thanks
    Posted to Forum by admin on 01-27-2010
  • Tray icon only changes to green

    I'm running v. of the multiple accounts version and the tray icon is either gray (when there is no new mail) or green. I have 3 Google Apps accounts defined and none of them are set to display the green icon. Any idea how to get this feature to work?
    Posted to Forum by jberke on 11-26-2009
  • Re: Gmail Notifier has stopped working on start..

    Hi Bongo, Can you please confirm that out of two professional versions are you able to run "version of SP1/64-bit" or not? The only difference which i can see between both professional notifiers is that they have got different license validation modules. For SP1/64bit, i have written my own...
    Posted to Forum by admin on 06-06-2008
  • Re: bug: crash on vista + sp1 final

    The code is almost same for both except one thing that previously i was using third party licensing dll but now i have written my own licensing code. I found that third part licensing was creating trouble with SP1. Few users have sent their feedback to me saying that it works normally for them. e.g:...
    Posted to Forum by admin on 03-28-2008
  • Re: bug: crash on vista + sp1 final

    Sorry abou that, I am going to email you guys a setup file which should work with SP1 with fewer functionalities. Please intall this setup until i fix the problem and release a patch. Thanks Regards
    Posted to Forum by admin on 03-21-2008
  • Re: unhandled exception

    Can you please tell me which version of notifier are you running, is it professional version? And what are your operating system details? i.e XP Service pack 2, 32bit. How many previous versions did you install earlier ? Thanks
    Posted to Forum by admin on 01-25-2008
  • Re: Default Browser

    Thanks for your patience , Actually it all happened because Vista handles http links with a new mechanism in registry. I have fixed that problem and replaced the setup file in downloads. I tested it on Vista ('Home Premium'), can you please uninstall previous version and try this one. Please...
    Posted to Forum by admin on 01-18-2008
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