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  • Re: no application associated with the specified file for this application?

    Can you please confirm the application behavior, does it really crashes or what after showing you this alert box? Does it opens your default browser (Firefox)? Thanks
    Posted to Forum by admin on 07-19-2007
  • Re: Double clicking tray icon makes me log in?

    Hi, Thanks for comments. First issue of opening login window when already signed in has been already reported and i hope i will fix it in next release. The second thing with opening login page of google apps is intentional. Username & password are stored so that you don't have to enter them in notifier...
    Posted to Forum by admin on 07-19-2007
  • Re: WAV Files

    I am not sure about that, can you please email me the file you are trying to play? may be that file has been renamed to .wav file and originally it has different format. I tried few wav files on different machines and it plays.
    Posted to Forum by admin on 06-30-2007
  • Re: Audio File

    Hi Ray & Jones, Your suggested features have now been added into new version Thanks
    Posted to Forum by admin on 05-07-2007
  • Re: Audio File

    Hi Jones, Many thanks for your appreciation but sorry to say in current application you can only achieve this functionality by muting your computer voulme :D, but the good thing is i am listing down all those functionalities that users want to have and working on application in my spare time. Hopefully...
    Posted to Forum by admin on 05-03-2007
  • Re: Audio File

    Hi, The project you are currently working on will mean a lot to may more users. I am enjoying the fruits of you labor just as it is! Thanks again Ray
    Posted to Forum by Ray Glessner on 05-01-2007
  • Re: Audio File

    Hi, Sorry Ray currently i am not using any file path in media directory because i thought if someone is missing file in Media directory then application will crash. i have embedded .wav inside the application so you can't change its name. If you want to use windows path, probably in next few days i will...
    Posted to Forum by admin on 04-28-2007
  • Audio File

    Thanks for a great job, it works perfectly. Can you tell me the name of the .wav file that is played when an email comes in? Also will I find it in the Windows/Media subdirectory? I want to edit the file and increase the volume so I can hear it in another room. Thanks again for a great program. Ray
    Posted to Forum by Ray Glessner on 04-28-2007
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