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  • Avast Helpline Number | +1-877-773-3202 | Avast Customer Support

    Avast clients get the insurance from such dangers till their antivirus programming is running easily however it has been seen that numerous issues like inability to overhaul consequently, establishment issue, non-similarity and with the windows inconvenience the clients and make their frameworks powerless...
    Posted to Forum by contactprinterno on 11-24-2017
  • Get Instant Online support from Yahoo customer service number

    Yahoo email application works efficiently just in case of troubles with Yahoo email account, get instant online support from customer service for Yahoo number. To obtain the crucial services, call at the Yahoo customer service anytime and overcome many hindrances in no time. There is assurance for quality...
    Posted to Forum by scotte693 on 12-10-2016
  • Re: No sound on gmail notifier

    First be sure that you on the sound option, when it's fine and still not working contact the support team of Gmail , to manage all apps and mail regarding issues.
    Posted to Forum by rgere6195 on 12-02-2016
  • Re: Multiple users...

    Hi Viktor, Your suggested features have now been added into new version Thanks
    Posted to Forum by admin on 05-07-2007
  • Re: Multiple users...

    Hi Viktor, it seems that many other users are also interested in saving their passwords. Hopefully i will be able to work on it this weekend and will upload new version. Thanks
    Posted to Forum by admin on 04-25-2007
  • Re: Security of passwords

    Hi richaney, Someone already has raised this question to me, and i answered this question in blog. Please have a look at this link http://gmailnotifier.net/blogs/gmailnotifier/archive/2007/04/17/is-it-safe-to-use-gmail-notifier.aspx I am planning to release the source code when this application get stable...
    Posted to Forum by admin on 04-18-2007
  • Re: Multiple users...

    Hi richaney, Thanks for posting your question, unfortunatly i did'nt thought of different users saving their passwords in gmail notifier, what i thought was of encrypting user credentials. as you can see here http://gmailnotifier.net/photos/apprelated/picture22.aspx i am encrypting user details and saving...
    Posted to Forum by admin on 04-17-2007
  • User credentails encryption

    this image show encrypted username and password in app.config file.
    Posted to Gallery by admin on 04-17-2007
  • Dns stuff google dns

    This image discovers that IP address shown in zone alarm firewall belongs to google.
    Posted to Gallery by admin on 04-17-2007
  • Zone alarm security

    This i mage confirms that gmail notifier is connected to gmail.com
    Posted to Gallery by admin on 04-17-2007
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