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  • Tech support webroot 1-800-323-9330

    Various issues emerge while using Webroot and therefore it is very important for you that you have all your required solutions available whenever you need them. Multiple technical issues may occur as you use the program. You might have problem even in installing the software. You also can experience...
    Posted to Forum by cottonharry on 06-06-2017
  • Webroot Technical Support 1-800-323-9330

    If your system or computer is running awkwardly slow these days, you need to find the reasons behind this. Too many junk files in the system could possibly the reason. If you cleanup disk in time and remove junk files periodically, then the problem is something else. In that case, the possible reason...
    Posted to Forum by cottonharry on 03-07-2017
  • Re: No sound on gmail notifier

    First be sure that you on the sound option, when it's fine and still not working contact the support team of Gmail , to manage all apps and mail regarding issues.
    Posted to Forum by rgere6195 on 12-02-2016
  • Re: will be possible?..

    Thanks for the suggestion. It is already listed in the future release of Gmail Notifier. Thanks!
    Posted to Forum by admin on 11-05-2009
  • Re: Feature request

    Hi Peter, Actually, I have been developing it the way Google has developed it. I will try to add it soon. Thanks for your suggestions and efforts.
    Posted to Forum by admin on 10-18-2008
  • Re: Open current gmail tab

    Related to this is perhaps something simpler to implement: I have Firefox set to open new links in tabs rather than windows, but I would like to make an exception when double clicking the Sohail Notifier icon. At the moment, it opens a new tab in the Firefox window I used last, is there any way to force...
    Posted to Forum by iangrant on 07-16-2008
  • Re: Gmail Notifier has stopped working on start..

    Hi Bongo, Can you please confirm that out of two professional versions are you able to run "version of SP1/64-bit" or not? The only difference which i can see between both professional notifiers is that they have got different license validation modules. For SP1/64bit, i have written my own...
    Posted to Forum by admin on 06-06-2008
  • Re: Notification for messages when "skip inbox"

    Hi Sinklar, Actually Google does not post any labels with the new emails. It might be possible in future. Please send your suggestions to Google to add such information in rss feed. Thanks Regards
    Posted to Forum by admin on 03-26-2008
  • Re: Open current gmail tab

    I think Google Apps behave differently than Gmail itself. As there is no way to authenticate (which i could find in free version of Google Apps) a user in the browser automatically so notifier does not know whether a Gmail window is already open or not. Still there might be something coming up in future...
    Posted to Forum by admin on 03-06-2008
  • Re: Launch in other browser

    Thanks for that, i will put this into next release.
    Posted to Forum by admin on 01-30-2008
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