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  • Hide icon when no new mail

    It would be nice if the system tray icon was hidden when there was no new mail. This would make it easier to see at a glance (and from far away) if you had any new email.
    Posted to Forum by jberke on 06-24-2009
  • Re: Feature request

    Hi Peter, Actually, I have been developing it the way Google has developed it. I will try to add it soon. Thanks for your suggestions and efforts.
    Posted to Forum by admin on 10-18-2008
  • Re: Feature request

    Dear peter, If you mouseover the notifier icon in the taskbar, it actually tells you how many unread emails are there. Is that what you are looking for?
    Posted to Forum by admin on 10-11-2008
  • Re: Gmail Notifier has stopped working on start..

    Hi Bongo, Can you please confirm that out of two professional versions are you able to run "version of SP1/64-bit" or not? The only difference which i can see between both professional notifiers is that they have got different license validation modules. For SP1/64bit, i have written my own...
    Posted to Forum by admin on 06-06-2008
  • Shifting the active window

    I like this little application but I have one small feature request. Whenever I get an email notification the focus from my current window is moved to the notifier. This gets a bit annoying specially if I'm in the middle of typing because I need to either refocus on the typing window or wait for the...
    Posted to Forum by darius on 11-18-2007
  • Re: Multiple GMail accounts?

    hmm...... How many total domains should new Notifier support ? Let's say it supports 10 domains and every domain has got 20 unread email in it. Imagine how much time it is gonna take to show these many emails. How do you guys want me to show pop up ? Should it be showing you each domain one after the...
    Posted to Forum by admin on 11-18-2007
  • don't reuse existing browser window

    Hi. I Like your app much, but it reuses one of the existing browser windows... which is quite annoying... I often have web apps which does not support back buttons in these... And when new mails arrive I get forwared to my gmail account in that window, and cant get back. So please do as Googles GMail...
    Posted to Forum by borge3000 on 11-14-2007
  • Re: It won't remember my login info

    Hi, Thanks for reporting this bug, Actually program remebers your password but it shows you login window when it cannot access the internet.What you can do is, close down login window and click on "Check Mail Now" in the menu. Thanks very much
    Posted to Forum by admin on 09-20-2007
  • Re: Feature request: select mail program

    I know how to implement it but sorry, couldn't find time to do it. Please wait few more days and it will be there. Thanks
    Posted to Forum by admin on 09-10-2007
  • Re: Possible memory leak?

    Hi Dan, Sorry for late reply, actually i am trying to findout the reason why that is happening but you know workload in office.. not getting enough time to update the application, i hope i will send you a modified version after i get it working... Thanks for your feedback. This applications keeps some...
    Posted to Forum by admin on 08-19-2007
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