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  • notifier not sending cc/bcc via mailto

    I have links created that set to:, subject:, cc: and bcc:. We recently switched to GMail and I have installed the latest version of notifier. When I click my mailto: links, I get to: and subject: but am not getting cc: or bcc: values. Is this a feature or a bug?
    Posted to Forum by longshot on 12-18-2010
  • mailto: and subject, body

    mailto brings up a new message, but doesn't set the to address or support the subject or body tags. for example: test@email.com please fix.
    Posted to Forum by mhardy on 10-15-2010
  • Re: totally can't work in Win 7 RTM

    Please make sure that you are running it as an admin. And then you are pressing the SAVE button in the options window of Sohail's gmail notifier. If it still does not work, please send me an email and i will send you manual commands to set it as default. Thanks, Sohail
    Posted to Forum by admin on 12-02-2009
  • Re: unhandled exception

    Ok, This problem was solved with xanthorax Anyone else using XP SP3 having the same issue could do the following steps to resolve it Press "Windows + R" to open up Run command box type "regedit" and press enter Registry Editor should open up, Try navigating to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\mailto...
    Posted to Forum by admin on 01-25-2008
  • Mailto & Proxy settings' window

    Mailto & Proxy settings' window
    Posted to Gallery by admin on 01-16-2008
  • New Beta version released with proxy & mailto support!

    New beta version is released today. Thanks very much all of you for your suggestions & feedback. Please evaluate this version and let me know if everything is working alright. After getting comments on new functionalities, i will be releasing another version which will support multiple accounts as...
    Posted to Weblog by admin on 12-06-2007
  • Re: Mailto through Gmail for My Domain

    Another, possibly easier approach would be: 1) Install Google's gmail notifier (just install, no need to login or run) 2) Open regedit and locate the key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\mailto\shell\open\command 3) Add a URL option to point to your google domain E.G: "c:\program files\google\gmail notifier\gnotify...
    Posted to Forum by eskildheim on 10-15-2007
  • Mailto through Gmail for My Domain

    Since neither Google's nor Sohail's notifiers could provide me with mailto links leading to Gmail for My Domain compose screens, I came up with my own solution. I've been practicing new Windows PowerShell, so I chose to create this script in PowerShell, but it could easily be translated to VBScript or...
    Posted to Forum by bcdady on 09-02-2007
  • Re: Feature request: Default system Email

    I would like to echo interest in this request. The ability to force "mailto:" links to compose messages in my Google Apps Gmail is the primary reason I am interested in notifier. I looked into other solutions (i.e. registry hacks/scripts), but most chat groups seem to concur that an exe or dll is necessary...
    Posted to Forum by bcdady on 08-28-2007
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