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Sohail's Gmail Notifier for Google Apps - Professional

Gmail Notifier for Google Apps (Multiple accounts) beta released!

 Thanks very much to all of you for your support, suggestions and patience. Today, i have released the beta version of Gmail Notifier for Google Apps (multiple account). Although it developed it early this year but could not get time to test and release it. I have named it as "Sohail's Gmail Notifier for Google Apps(Multiple accounts)", version

Here are some of the new functionalities that i have added

New Features

  • This version supports multiple Google apps email accounts notification.
  • Currently, notifier supports 10 Google Apps accounts
  • Finally, i have added the auto login support in Gmail Notifier. Now you do not need to type in your username and password to open inbox. Notifier should use existing username passwords and login automatically when you "open Inbox" or compose "new message".
  • Now notification window interval can be stopped and you can navigate (next/previous) to different email messages.

Other feature which were already present in Gmail Notifier Version are

  •     Gmail & Google Apps support
  •     Mailto links support
  •     Proxy Server support
  •     Play sound notifications
  •     8 lovely skins
  •     "Run at startup" options
  •     Customized check-email time interval
  •     Customized message window display interval
  •     Pin On/Pin off notification window
  •     Drag & Drop notifier to desired position
  •     ViewInbox/compose email page
  •     Open email conversation on notifier click
  •     Customized Transparency levels
  •     Open links in http/https

Supported operating systems are

  • Windows XP 32bit/64 bit
  • Windows 2000
  • Window Vista 32 bit/64 bit

You need to run this applcation as an administrator to get it working properly.

Bug Fixes

Now Notifier will not steal focus when showin notification window.


Current beta version can be run 20 times after download. I hope i will release a professional version within next 20 days.

Please report me as many bugs as you can find in this beta version so that they can fixed in professional version.


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