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Sohail's Gmail Notifier for Google Apps - Professional

Dealing with the User Account Control prompts

 Note:  When running the steps below, the user MUST have administrator privelages

  1. Click the Start menu and type in "task" (without the quotes) in the search box (click "continue" if prompted)
  2. On the right-hand side of the Task Scheduler, click "Create Task"
  3. On the General Tab, type a name to identify your task - such as "Gmail Notifier"
  4. [IMPORTANT] Check the "Run with highest privileges" check box
  5. Click the "Triggers" tab, click "New"
    1. Select "At log on" from the "Begin task" drop-down and click "OK"
  6. Click the "Actions" tab, click "New"
    1. Leave the "Action" drop-down set to "Start a Program"
    2. Click  "Browse" and find the Gmail Notifier Application (C:\Program Files (x86)\GmailNotifier.Net\Sohail's Gmail Notifier for Google Apps (Pro)\GmailNotifier.exe)
    3. Click "OK"
  7. Click "OK" to save the task
Your program should now run any time you log in, and with full permissions and without any annoying Vista prompts!
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