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Version Gmail Notifier V1.0.1.1 (Beta)

  • Multiple gmail accounts feature (Free or Costly)?

    After releasing Gmail Notifier version I received many emails requesting more functionalities. Some of the emails said that i can even set a price for notifier after adding those functionalities.

    Now that i am going to release new beta version with more functionalities like

    -Proxy support
    -Use notifier as default Mailto program
    -check email interval reduced to seconds

     I just wanna to get an idea, if i also add "multiple gmail accounts support" onto it; should there be a price for this application ?
    If yes then how much should it be?

    Please write your comments or email me your suggestions.

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  • New Beta version is coming soon!

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for downloading Gmail Notifier, After getting lots of requests i spared some time to add more functionalities into it. Deveoplemnt of Gmail Notifier Version (Beta) is near to complete and then i will test it for few days. Hopefully it will be available very soon.

    New functionalities

    1) Proxy support

    2) Use notifier as default Mailto program

    3) Now you can set notifier to check email after every few seconds

     Bug Fixes

     ' no application associated with the specified file for this application' - Fixed!

    This beta version will expire after 40 or 45 days, so that i can  release final version after that.


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